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The Francis Turbine: Analysis of Its Evolution
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This article analyses the evolution of the Francis Turbine within the context of the metal product manufacturing industry. It examines the evolving design of the turbines and technological change within the industry. It is argued that the production of artefacts and equipment as machinery can only be understood according to the concept of technological change both in the equipment itself and in the related industry. These technological changes refer not only to the initial design of the turbine itself, but also to the production processes necessary to its improvement. This article presents a series of data from the main producers of turbines from the 1920s to the mid-1990s, and the sites at which they were installed. The technical resume of these turbines is captured by means of specific speed following other studies before presenting analysis, and results are in good agreement with previous studies. However, this article also explains the evolution of the turbine according to the industry sector.
Keywords:Evolution; Hydraulic Turbines; Specific Speed; Metal Product Manufacturing Industry; Dam Hydrological Resources Exploitation
Author: Juan J Jardón U1, Staffan Hulten2
1.Faculty of Economics, Hidalgo University of Michoacan
2.Swedish School of Economics
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