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Assessment of the Water Quality of the Radika River in the National Park Mavrovo in the Republic of Macedonia
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The drainage basin of the Radika River is located in the western parts of the Republic of Macedonia and almost entirely belongs to the national park Mavrovo, which is also a treasury of geomorphologic, biological and cultural heritage. Waste water from households, catering facilities, as well as the developed economic activities in the fields of agriculture, cattle breeding and large tourist saturation are sufficient factors that would violate the quality of the Radika River, which is considered to be a protected and clean watercourse in the region, and wider in the country. According to the legal regulations in the Republic of Macedonia, the waters of Radika River in the national park Mavrovo shows solid summarized quality. Detected quality anomalies primarily express the organic burden as an anthropogenic source of pollution. The natural factors on the other hand, are not a major hazard to the aquatic ecosystem.
Keywords:Radika; Measuring Point; Pollution; Heavy Metals
Author: Kole Pavlov1, Radmila Bojkovska2, Gjorgi Pavlovski3
1.Josip Broz Tito High School/University of Tourism and Management, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
2.National Hydrometeorological Service, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
3.University of Goce Delcev, Stip, Republic of Macedonia
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