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Effect of Temperature on the Series and Shunt Resistance of a Silicon Solar Cell under Frequency Modulation
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Temperature is a very important parameter that is often overlooked in the behavior of solar cells. This study presents the influence of temperature on the electrical parameters of a bifacial silicon solar cell under frequency modulation. Based on the equation of the continuity of the carriers, the expression of the density of the minority charge carriers, the photocurrent and the photo-voltage were determined. For all these temperatures the effect is interpreted as a function of frequency modulation. The aim of this work is to study the evolution of this density depending on temperature and its distribution in angular frequency and the junction recombination velocity in the bases for different values of the temperature.
Keywords:Photovoltaic; Junction Recombination Velocity; Angular Frequency; Series and Shunt Resistance; Temperature
Author: Gökhan Sahin1
1.Electric and Electronic Engineering Department, I?DIR University, I?d?r 76000, Turkey
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