Journal of Water Resource and Hydraulic Engineering (JWRHE)
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Frequency: Quarterly
2015 Vol.4 No.1

EXCEED-Excellence Center for Development Cooperation-Sustainable Water Management in Developing Countries
M. Bahadir1, N. Dichtl2
1.Institute of Environmental and Sustainable Chemistry, Technical University of Braunschweig, Hagenring 30, 38106 Braunschweig, Germany
2.Institute of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Braunschweig, Pockelsstrasse 2A, 38106 Braunschweig, Germany
Abstract | References Full Paper: PDF (Size:532KB), pp.1-8, Pub. Date: 2015- 01-15

Multi-Aquifer Parameterization with well loss in Vertical Flows
P.K. Majumdar1
1.Civil Engineering Department, AKS University, Satna, MP, India
Abstract | References Full Paper: PDF (Size:229KB), pp.9-22, Pub. Date: 2015- 01-15

Cl-SO4 Mass Ratio as an Indicator of Contamination of Freshwater Resources in Kuwait by Seawater and Oilfield Brine
Amitabha Mukhopadhyay1
1.Water Research Centre, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, P.O. Box 24885, Safat 13109, Kuwait
Abstract | References Full Paper: PDF (Size:2519KB), pp.23-55, Pub. Date: 2015- 01-15

Assessing Organic Water Pollution of Inland Wetlands with Remote Sensing and Field Data
María Pérez Ortega1, Ma Eugenia Pérez González2, José Luis González López3
1.Consultores en Biología de la Conservación S.L,Manuela Malasa?a 24, Madrid 28004, Spain
2.Department of Regional Geographical Analysis and Physical Geography,Complutense University of Madrid, Profesor Aranguren, 28040, Madrid, Spain
3.Consultores en Biología de la Conservación S.L,Manuela Malasana 24, Madrid 28004, Spain
Abstract | References Full Paper: PDF (Size:8014KB), pp.56-67, Pub. Date: 2015- 01-15

Solar-induced Thermal Activity and Stratification in Pond Water
James D. Brownridge1
1.Department of Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy, State University of New York at Binghamton, P.O. Box 6000 Binghamton, New York 13902-6000, USA
Abstract | References Full Paper: PDF (Size:771KB), pp.68-75, Pub. Date: 2015- 01-15

Thermodynamic Study of Isothermal Adsorption of Aluminum ion from Water using Activated Carbon Adsorbent
Mohammad Ali Takassi1, Parisa Ghashghaee pour2, Asadolah Farhadi1, Touba Hamule1
1.The department of science, Petroleum University of Technology, Ahwaz, Iran 6198144471
2.Khozestzn regional electrical company, Ahwaz, Iran 6198144475
Abstract | References Full Paper: PDF (Size:129KB), pp.76-82, Pub. Date: 2015- 01-15

Characterizing Soil Moisture Memory by Soil Moisture Autocorrelation
Mohammad Mahfuzur Rahman1, Minjiao Lu2
1.Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan
2.Adjunct Professor,Chongqing JiaotongUniversity, China
Abstract | References Full Paper: PDF (Size:1664KB), pp.83-92, Pub. Date: 2015- 01-15

Hydrochemistry of Low-temperature Thermal Water of Primorye Region (Russia) and Environmental Implications
George A. Chelnokov1, Ivan V. Bragin1, Natalia A. Kharitonova1, Berta I. Chelnokova2
1.Laboratory of hydrogeochemistry,Far East Geological Institute Far East Branch of Russian Academy of sciences,Russia, Vladivostok, Prospect 100-letya 159
2.Laboratory of medical ecology and recreational resources, Institute of Medical Climatology Far East Scientific Centre of Physiology and Pathologies of Breath,Russia, Vladivostok, Russkaia st. 73-g
Abstract | References Full Paper: PDF (Size:1766KB), pp.93-96, Pub. Date: 2015- 01-15

Non-Thermal Plasma Applied to Acetone-Polluted Water: A Possibility to Decontaminate and to Obtain High Energetic Gases
Marquidia Pacheco1, Joel Pacheco1, Ricardo Valdivia1, Alfredo Santana2
1.Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, Carretera México Toluca. Estado de México
2.Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, CampusToluca, Eduardo Monroy Cardenas 2000, Estado de México
Abstract | References Full Paper: PDF (Size:911KB), pp.97-104, Pub. Date: 2015- 01-15

Infrared Spectra of Humic Acid and Metal Humates Precipitated from Groundwater
William A. Laride1
1.Science, Math and Technology Department, Philippine Science High School-Western Visayas Jaro, Iloilo City, Philippines 5000
Abstract | References Full Paper: PDF (Size:1006KB), pp.105-110, Pub. Date: 2015- 01-15

Impact of Volcanic Fluids on Water Quality, Baransky Volcano, Southern Kuriles
Bragin I.V.1, Chelnokov G.A.1, Zharkov R.V.2, Kharitonova N.A.1
1.Far East geological institute, Far Eastern branch of Russian academy of sciences, Vladivostok, Russia
2.Institute of marine geology and geophysics, Far Eastern branch of Russian academy of sciences, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia
Abstract | References Full Paper: PDF (Size:367KB), pp.111-114, Pub. Date: 2015- 01-15

Water Quality Treatment Efficacy Model of Porous Concrete Pavement
J. He1, J. Huang1, C. Valeo2, A. Chu1
1.Department of Civil Engineering, Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
2.Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Abstract | References Full Paper: PDF (Size:633KB), pp.115-125, Pub. Date: 2015- 01-15