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1. Which kind of submission belongs to "duplicate submission"?
We hold that the "duplicate submission" is as follows:
a. Submitting a piece of writing with a different order of authors’ names to many publications;
b. Submitting a piece of writing with more than half of the contents are similar to other writings;
c. Submitting a piece of writing with a revised title to many publications;
d. Submitting a piece of writing with a change of language to other publications;
The same data set writing analyzed from a different angle doesn't belong to this case.

2. How to check the state of a manuscript after submission?
You can check the state of your manuscript online. If you do not get any information or notice from the editorial board in three months, you can submit your manuscript to other journals after inquiring the editor and getting the response.

3. What is the review process?
Manuscripts accepted as qualified will be sent back to writers via email along with the revision requirements according to the experts' suggestion. On receiving the revising notice, the writer should revise the manuscript as required, and upload the revised manuscript in MS Word format to the editorial board. (Note: the revised part should be highlighted in other colors)

4. When should the revised manuscript be returned to the editorial board?
The revised manuscript should be returned in three months, or it will be deemed to have been withdrawn.