World Academic Publishing    

We believe that special issues are an essential part of the journal. The World Academic Publishing has a strong tradition in this context, and we wish to continue this. To further ensure the publication of high-quality special issues, a more active policy will be followed. Rather than letting the selection and publication depend on individual initiatives, we prefer a broader and open invitation.

This open call is to invite researchers to submit proposals for a special issue of WAP journal.

With this call we want to invite proposals for special issues on topics related to the focus of the journal. In general, a special issue should have a well-articulated unifying theme and should reflect the state-of-the-art, currently relevant and leading edge topics in WAP journal research. It will typically include a review article of the research in the area of focus. Each proposal should consist of the following:

  • Name and affiliation of Guest Editor(s).
  • CV and list of major publications of Guest Editor(s).
  • A provisional title of the special issue.
  • A general summary (max. 1 page) describing the general focus and aims of the special issue.
  • A description of other related publications or conferences that might demonstrate the relevance for the field and constitutes evidence for choosing the theme and topics.
  • A brief description of the editorial procedure that would be followed (e.g. peer review with selection of high quality papers)
  • A list of authors that have agreed to submit a contribution to the special issue or potential authors (i.e., a list of names with affiliations) as well as an overview of the titles of their contributions (and preferably preliminary abstracts).
If special issues or special sections devoted to the proposed topic (or closely related topics) have been published (or will be published) by other journals, this should be mentioned.
Selection of special issues will be made by the Editors-in-Chief, in consultation with the Associate Editors. Criteria for selection include (amongst others):

Topics: new developments with a prospect of increasing importance for the domain, historically important topics that are subjected to a new approach.
Authors: preferably a mix of well-established academics and promising young researchers.
Guarantees for high quality publications: e.g. independent peer review with selection of high quality submissions only.