World Academic Publishing    

WAP strongly encourages suggestions for new journals across all areas of science, engineering and technology.
If you would like to propose starting a new journal in WAP, please provide us the information listed below in a formal proposal and send it to: We will evaluate the proposal, and if accepted, happily start working with you right away on the new journal.

The following information should be included in a new Journal proposal:

• Name, position, affiliation, contact information, and brief CV .
• Description of the new journal, including proposed title (a single name or several possible names), aims and scope (topics covered and if appropriate, topics not to be covered), types of content (e.g. review articles, research papers, tutorials, technical reports, case studies, research notes, letters, etc.), intended audiences and expected contributors (e.g. academic and industrial researchers, industrial professionals, engineers, consultants, managers, educators, policy makers, etc.).
• Rationale for new publication. Please give an overview of existing publications and conferences in the field, explain why a new publication is needed in this area, and briefly describe the unique features distinguishing this journal from others.
• Proposed editor-in-chief. Please name proposed editor-in-chief and attach their CV. Please first consult with that person to make sure they would be willing to serve. The editor-in-chief of an WAP journal should be a senior person in the field with an international reputation, and must be prepared to be heavily involved with time and efforts.
• Proposed editorial board members. Please list potential editorial board members, including their names position, affiliation, full contact information, brief CV and highlight their specific subject area As the journal is to be international, the editorial board is expected to cover an extensive geographical area.
• Operation. Please suggest frequency of publication (issues per year), length of journal (articles per issue), length of papers (words per paper), and anticipated launch date. Please also provide an overview of the proposed editorial process. WAP support open access and peer-review policies throughout these years.
• Any other suggestions, including among others a promotional plan (e.g. example articles, paper solicitation, collaboration with organizations and conferences, CFP spreading, etc.) and financial plan (e.g. publication fees, pricing, business model, salaries, honorarium, cost, etc.).