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Why choose WAP?

Thank you for choosing WAP to publish your works. We work hard to support the researchers who publish in our journals. There is a wealth of information here, and valuable services for authors.

At WAP Journals, we know the importance of your research being published as quickly and efficiently as possible. With your input, we can guarantee a streamlined production process to ensure that your paper can reach the academic community rapidly and with maximum impact.

At WAP Journals, we know well that citations will affect you and your further work. The WAP journal team provides valuable services for the authors who have published papers before. Right after publication, your paper will be sent to more than 10,000 researchers. The team will also send the papers to more than 10 A&I databases for possibly indexing. The team will hold a special issue session on your papers’ topic to increase citation possibilities.

Preparation of the manuscript

General: Papers must be clearly written in English. WAP also provides additional services including grammar, spelling, and language usage correction to improve the quality of your paper. If you need further help, please contact .

Figures: Figures should be supplied in an electronic format at a suitable size for printing with the following resolutions: 600 dots per inch (dpi) for line drawings and combinations; 300 dpi for greyscale and color. Color figures must be supplied in CMYK not RGB colors. Please ensure that the prepared electronic image files print at a legible size and are of a high quality for publication.

Authors should consult the journal’s home page for guidance on color figures.

All manuscripts should be formatted by the template which can be downloaded from the journal’s home page.

Submission of manuscripts

Authors should submit Word or rich-text files by the journal’s preferred method. TeX and LaTeX files are also acceptable. Please consult the journal’s home page for more information.
All manuscripts should be submitted online, which can be accessed on each journal’s home page.

Ethical Statement

The following statement of the ethical standards expected for authors and editors of scientific papers is based on statements prepared by the WAP. Once submitting a manuscript to WAP, each author explicitly confirms that the manuscript meets the following ethical standards for authors and co-authors. If an author disregards any of the following standards, WAP reserves the right to notify any related affiliations and publicize the offense online.

1. Plagiarism of any sort is not allowed, all citations likewise must be both real and valid.
2. Falsifying, tampering with, or “making-up” laboratory findings is not allowed.
3. All named authors must be the direct contributors to the paper. Falsifying of authorship in any form is not allowed.