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Advances in Materials Science and Applications(AMSA)

Submission Guidelines

Please read the instructions before submitting your paper, which should be typeset following the word sample paper or latex sample paper. Please submit your paper to us through the online submission system. If you have any problems, please find the editorial board office for help.

Note: In order to speed up the reviewing process, authors must recommend 3-6 reviewers in the relevant areas to us when submitting your paper.

Guidelines to Authors
We only accept papers written in English Language. Please make sure that your paper has not been published elsewhere. We will not be liable for any duty of copyright disputes caused by the authors. The papers should be informative, novel, well organized and coherent, fitting for the scope and focus of the Journal. In addition, the papers should reflect the latest trends and achievements in the subject area.
The specifications are as follows.
(1) Title
The title should be no more than 20 words, refined and distinct. Abbreviations should be avoided in the title. Subtitle can be added as needed.
(2) Keywords
The keywords should reflect the feature of the paper, and be in favor of literature retrieval. The keywords should be at least 3 and no more than 8, separated by semicolon.
(3) Abstract
Abstract is an accurate and short summarization without explanation or comments of the paper. It should reflect the main information of the paper briefly and clearly. The key points include four factors: purpose of research, methods, results and conclusions, and innovation.
(4) Quantities and units
Measurement unit should implement national standards. Abolished units cannot be used. The author must convert them according to the current standard.
(5) Figures and Tables
Figures and tables should be put in the corresponding place and numbered in sequence. Coordinate graphs should have headings which consist of nomenclatures, the corresponding symbol and unit. Table format is three-line table. Photographs should be of sufficiently high quality. Ensure that the size of figures and photographs is in proportion. Generally, the width should be no longer than 7cm. The width of Full Column tables should be no longer than 16cm.
(6) References
References should be identified in the text by Arabic numerals and numbered in the order cited. Only public publications should be listed, which allows editors and readers to consult. Foreign references such as Japanese references and Russian references should be expressed in English.
(7) Copyright
Authors who publish papers in WAP's Journals retain the copyright of their articles, which could be freely distributed under the Creative Common Attribution License.
(8) Open Access Policy and Publication Fee