Advances in Materials Science and Applications          
Advances in Materials Science and Applications(AMSA)

About the Journal

Advances in Materials Science and Applications (AMSA) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal. It investigates all aspects of materials science from the fundamental properties and characteristics to the industrial applications of materials, with its emphasis on biomaterials, nanotechnology, electronic, optical, and magnetic materials, composite materials, etc.

Original papers are encouraged concerning theoretical and experimental issues of materials science and applications.

Recent News:
1, AMSA Book on "Research and Innovation in Carbon Nanotube-Based Composites"has been released.
2, AMSA Book on "Recent Advances in Composite Materials for Wind Turbine Blades"has been released.
3, AMSA now is a member of CrossRef and has joined CrossCheck to fight against plagiarism. Ensure high ethical standards for all of the submitted papers.