Advances in Materials Science and Applications          
Advances in Materials Science and Applications(AMSA)
Book Title:"Recent Advances in Composite Materials for Wind Turbine Blades"
Edited by Dr. Brahim Attaf
ISBN 978-0-9889190-0-6
Hard cover, 232 pages
Publisher: The World Academic Publishing Co. Ltd.
Published online: 20, December 2013
Location of publication: Hong Kong
Language of publication: English

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About the Editor  In 1986, Mr. Brahim Attaf began his first research activities in the field of composite materials and structures…

Abstract  This book of science and technology provides an overview of recent research activities on the application of fibre-reinforced composite materials in the design of wind turbine blades. Great emphasis was given to the work of scientists, researchers and industrialists who are active in the field and to the latest developments achieved in new materials, manufacturing processes, architectures, aerodynamics, optimum design, testing techniques, etc.. These innovative topics will open up great perspectives for the development of large scale blades for on- and off-shore applications. In addition, the variety of the presented chapters will offer readers access to global studies of research & innovation, technology transfer and dissemination of results and will respond effectively to issues related to improving the energy efficiency strategy for 2020 and the longer term.

Introduction  This important book provides an overview of recent research activities on the application of fibre-reinforced composite materials for the design of wind turbine blades. It involves R&D…

Preface  In today’s modern society, global efforts have been made to fight against climate change issues through new and concrete actions…

Book Chapters

Chapter 1
Designing Composite Wind Turbine Blades from Cradle to Cradle
Brahim Attaf

Chapter 2
Natural Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composites for Wind Turbine Blades: Challenges and Opportunities
Kishore Debnath, Inderdeep Singh, Akshay Dvivedi, Pradeep Kumar

Chapter 3
Process Simulations for Predicting Quality of Composite Wind Turbine Blades
Konstantine A. Fetfatsidis, James A. Sherwood

Chapter 4
General Assessment of Fiber-Reinforced Composites Selection in Wind Turbine Blades
Ayşegül Akdoğan Eker, Bülent Eker

Chapter 5
On the Fluid-Structure Interaction of a Composite Wind Turbine Blade
Roham Rafiee

Chapter 6
Spar Shape Optimization of a Multi Megawatt Composite Wind Turbine Blade: Modal Analysis
Mostapha Tarfaoui, Owaisur Rahman Shah

Chapter 7
Finite Element Modeling of Composite Wind Turbine Blades
Ajaya K. Nayak

Chapter 8
Multidisciplinary Optimization of Wind Turbine Blades with Respect to Minimize Vibrations
Mariola Jureczko

Chapter 9
Testing and Condition Monitoring of Composite Wind Turbine Blades
Wenxian Yang

Chapter 10
Mechanical Characterization of Rigid PUR Foams Used for Wind Turbine Blades Construction
Emanoil Linul, Liviu Marsavina

Chapter 11
Investigation of Polymer Composites for Wind Turbines Blades
N. Chikhradze, G. Abashidze

Chapter 12
Study of Composite and Sandwich Plates Extracted from Wind Turbine Blade Structures under Harsh Environmental Conditions
Bong Taek Oh

Chapter 13
Fatigue Life Prediction for Adhesively Bonded Root Joint of Composite Wind Turbine Blade Using Cohesive Zone Approach
Vahid Azimzadeh Kalkhoran, Davood Salimi-majd, Bijan Mohammadi