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Recent Advances in
Composite Materials for Wind Turbine Blades

Release date: December 20, 2013 | ISBN: 978-0-9889190-0-6 | Editor: Brahim Attaf | Publisher: The World Academic Publishing Co., Ltd

In 1986, Mr. Brahim Attaf began his first research activities in the field of composite materials and structures under the supervision of Professor Len Hollaway at the University of Surrey in Guildford, UK, where he obtained his PhD degree in 1990. He then spent 10 years working as Lecturer/Researcher within the Department of Aeronautics, Mechanics and Civil Engineering at the University of Blida in Algeria (1990-2000), followed by 3 years as responsible of design office and quality assurance with composite firms in France (2000-2003). Since 2003, he has been working independently as an Expert/Researcher on innovative technology projects oriented towards sustainability research actions and leading to ecodesign of composite structures, in particular wind turbine blades. His main areas of research and teaching focus on vibration and stability analyses of composite structures subjected to hygro-thermo-mechanical loading using finite-element approach and experimental investigations. Dr. Attaf has published many scientific papers, edited two books and trained/supervised many engineers and postgraduate students (Master’s and PhD’s).